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Our Canine Inspectors & Handlers Will Quickly & Descretely Confirm & Locate the Presence of Bed Bugs - or Certify You Are Bed Bug Free -  Guarantee!

Canine Inspections is the area's leading canine bed bug (Cimex lectularius) detection service. Our esteemed inspector, Nordi, is recognized as the first, and most experienced, NESDECA certified bed bug canine in Wisconsin. Since 2016, Nordi and his handlers have been called on to perform hundreds of inspections/detections throughout the midwest. 

Nordi trains daily, and each year she and handlers are re-certified for canine bed bug detections. Our credentials include the Wisconsin Pest Control Association (WPCA), the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA), and others. 

Whether you suspect bed bugs in your home, business, or personal items - or want to confirm that no bed bugs are present - Nordi and his handlers are available to give you the information, and peace of mind, that is only possible with a canine dectection expert. 

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    Despite their name, bed bugs don't remain hidden in your mattress or box spring, they migrate throughout your home. They find many places to hide, often in stitching, where they come out and bite/feed before laying thousands of eggs. Our canines commonly detect their presence in sofas, chairs, clothing, luggage, closets, curtains, etc.

    But outbreaks can be prevented. Our affordable Canine Inspect and Certify service gives you peace of mind knowing that your home is free of bed bugs. Or, if any are present, our canines are trained to alert on every location, in which case we'll guide you on methods to eliminate them.


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    Rental Properties

    If untreated, bed bugs can become a major problem in rental communities. You shouldn't wait until bed bugs are obvious and biting/feeding/breeding. Our preventative canine inspections will either confiirm their presence and every location, or we'll certify that you are bed bug free. 

    We now offer property managers and tenants routine, inexpensive inspections to certify that their properties are bed bug free. If any are found, we'll identify every location and provide expert direction on how to eliminate the source before a large outbreak occurs.


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    Travel Guests

    Whether you are traveling, or you host guests who are - you know how easily bed bugs can arrive -  and leave - with anyone they meet. If unmonitored until signs appear, your guests at hotels and short-term rentals (AirBNB's, etc) will often be the most vulnerable. If just one guest arrives with bed bugs, they'll stay, feed, breed, and hitch a ride to a new home.

    Businesses - you can now protect your guests, their homes (and your reputation) with our Canine Inspect and Certify Program. It'll give you, and your guests, confidence and comfort in knowing you're taken the best possible step to have canines search and detect any signs of bed bugs and preventing a disasterous outbreak.  

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What Are the Benefits of Canine Bed Bug Inspections?


Hiring expert bed bug canines is the best method of identifying the early presence of bed bugs because their scent sensors are vastly superior to anything human. Some benefits include locating specific infestation areas, immediate results, detecting viable eggs, non-intrusive and fast and efficient. Canine Inspections, including Nordi and his handlers, are certified annually through the Wisconsin Pest Control Association and the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association.

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Scott Lindner, Tina Lindner, and K-9 Nordi


Scott Lindner, Owner

Scott  spend 24 years as Deputy sheriff with the Dane County Sheriff's office in Madison, of which 22 years as the EDD K-9 Handler. Scott and Nordi have been locating bed bugs since 2015.


Tina Lindner, Handler

Prior to Tina's commitment as a bed-bug canine handler, she managed all daily operations for their family kennel business. Today, Tina is able to focus on bed bug canine inspections, handling, and advanced training - all demonstrating her deep commitment to mastering the world of professional working dogs.


K-9 Nordi

K-9 Nordi is a five year old Jagd Terrier imported from Germany. Nordi has a threshold of finding 1 bed bug to finding, we estimate, over four-thousand bed bugs.


NESDCA Certified

Scott and Nordi are National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association certified, which assures the highest quality standards of Scent Detection Canines.